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Energy Management

Commercial Energy Management System

Energy Management

Commercial Energy Management

If your commercial building is not energy efficient, an energy management system may help. These systems effectively control the power consumption of your property by automating certain functions to maximize efficiency.


These systems are connected to the internet which enables light to be dimmed or shut down automatically. We can also connect your HVAC units to the energy management system. Talk to the experts at Samco Electric Inc to learn more.

What Is a Commercial Energy Management System?

An energy management system allows you to monitor and automate the energy needs of your building. Such a system can be used to optimize heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems (HVACR), lighting, fire suppression equipment, and security measures. It can be used in both residential and commercial applications.


You can count on the professionals at Samco Electric Inc to install a system that can do the following:


  • Collect energy usage data

  • Control HVACR and lighting schedules

  • Identify trouble with security or life safety systems

  • Monitor equipment for maintenance needs


There will be a single operating station where all the information regarding separate building processes and functions is received and controlled. 


This process enables operators to make instantaneous decisions based on the information they receive, such as reducing the temperature in unoccupied rooms to optimize the building performance.

Benefits of Energy Management Systems

There are various benefits of managing the energy needs of your building using an energy management system including the following:


  • Lower power consumption: Cut down operating costs and reduce your impact on the environment.

  • Drive efficiency initiatives: Identify areas that are consuming more energy and require improvement.

  • Provide a comfortable working environment: Maintain the perfect balance between energy conservation and comfort in the workplace. Owing to automated temperatures and lighting schedules, it becomes easy to provide a comfortable place for your employees to work without sacrificing efficiency.

  • Improve fire, security, and other life safety systems: When these functions are connected to an energy management system, they are easier to monitor and maintain resulting in greater building safety.

  • Ensure the automation system operates at peak performance: This brings down maintenance, operational, and equipment costs while maintaining comfort levels.

  • Reduce lifecycle costs for the best ROI: It's an investment that provides long-lasting performance and value. You can even make upgrades later to adapt to the needs of your building in the future.

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