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Electrical Upgrades

Service Upgrade

Upgrade Your Electrical System

Upgrade Your Electrical System

Are you considering an electrical panel upgrade for your home? Are you seeing signs that you need an upgrade? Did anyone recommend you an upgrade? Are you looking for ways to add value to your home? Are you wondering how much it costs for an electrical panel replacement for your home?


There are a number of reasons for pondering an electrical service upgrade. It’s something homeowners tend to put off doing though many homes today need them. It is essential to understand the electric upgrade process, even though a lot of people simply don’t know. You haven’t had much incentive to learn about upgrades if you haven’t had noticeable problems with your electrical system.


If you feel that your home's electrical system is unable to match your electrical demands or you have an older home with poor wiring, reach out to us today. The team at Samco Electric Inc can upgrade your system.


 You can expect our team to return your calls on the same business day. Call us to hire a master electrician today! 812-917-4006

Get an Electrical Panel Upgrade

Since the panel is linked to the entire electrical system, many common electrical issues are linked to a faulty electrical panel. The damage is likely spread throughout the house if the panel is malfunctioning.


Some reasons you might want an electrical panel upgrade for your home in the near future are:

  • Your home still has a fuse box or your electrical panel is unsafe for other reasons

  • Circuit breakers that often need to be reset

  • Inappropriate electrical outlets throughout the house

  • Noticeable signs of wear and tear on your electrical system

  • You’re planning to add something that uses a lot of electricity

  • You’re planning a major home remodel or addition


Different Types of Electrical Panel Upgrades

Depending on your home’s power needs, the age and power of the existing panel, whether there’s damage to the panel and other factors, upgrading your electrical panel can mean a few different things.


Can Individual Circuit Breakers Be Repaired?

Yes, you can replace individual circuits; But before deciding to replace just a single circuit breaker by yourself, we recommend consulting with a licensed electrician, since there could be other problems underlying its failure.


Replacing a Panel

Reasons to replace a panel include:

  • Damaged wires

  • Rodent damage

  • Old age

  • Water damage


Sometimes an all-out service upgrade is accompanied by a circuit breaker panel replacement.

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